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Creative Consultation

Every great idea deserves a thorough consideration and planning. We offer dedicated project teams committed to delivering on translating your ground-breaking idea into actuality

Performing Arts Events

With over 150 creative events presented and produced in over forty cities, Sixty-Ten has built a reputation for planning some of the most impactful events globally: from dance shows to festivals... TV/web series to corporate conferences, we provide that international flavour companies across the UK are embracing.

Content Development

Accomplished content developers are never satisfied. In Sixty-Ten, we love the idea of developing content and programs that express your creativity and tell your unique story.

Senior creative consultants with international stage, project and event management experience spanning twenty-six years on four continents.

Segun Lawal

Creative Consultant

Nwando Lawal

Programs Director

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BOTA - Colchester!!

Today's creative environment requires fresh insight, efficient networks and a new take on how to develop our artistic works.

Segun Lawal was host for what was a super interactive and candid take on the arts scene in the UK and performing arts challenges around the world. He is an Exceptional Global Talent endorsed by the Arts Council England, a Fellow of the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts in Washington DC and a creative content developer based in Colchester, England.

Katie Skingle of KAT Marketing, Fred Williams of IconTowers and Bolaji Sofoluwe of ETK Group made it unforgettable

Download Business of the Arts Training Modules

Module 1 - Introduction to International Arts Management (free until June 30)

Organisational Structure | Creating Right Systems | Output Analysis & Focus

Artistic Planning | Content Selection | Profitability

Programming | Scheduling New verses Old Works | Community Champions, Relevance & Involvement

Module 2 - Understanding Audiences & Consumers.

Consumer Behaviour | Basics of Strategy Development | Understanding The Psychology of Trends | Capacity Building | Environmental Analysis | Industry Structure |Success Factors

Module 3 - Content Development & Alternative Messaging Platforms

Content Lords | Content Appeal | Content Economics | The Commerce of The Arts | Monetizing Art | Measuring ROI on Arts verses Entertainment

Module 4 – Art’s “Business” Management Techniques

Balancing The Books | Accounting Without The Gibberish | Financial Tips To Improve Productivity | Planning for Failure | The Much-Maligned “Plan B’ | The Power of an Honest Assessment

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Performing arts consultation is critical to artist growth because it provides a platform for artists to receive constructive feedback, get expert guidance, and develop their skills. It also helps artists to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Through tailored consultation, artists learn new techniques, gain fresh perspectives, and refine their craft.

We consult. You grow.

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